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Cross Marketing USA is one of the most innovative growing companies in America with one or more of the company's value-added services placed in millions of households.  We know that keeping your business depends on the quality of our service and products.  That is why we continue to invest in people, systems and technology and service advantages. 


Company History 


Cross Marketing USA executives have spent years developing best-in-class services designed to provide affordable solutions, significant high-margin revenue, differentiate sponsor services, open new markets, strengthen customer relationships, all of which are delivered via the highest marketing standards. Cross Marketing USA supplies programs to firms that are behind some of the biggest names in banking, insurance and association marketing.


  • New products and services for your customers 
  • Turnkey operations
  • Sales methods include Internet, social media, direct response, SOE and personal sales
  • Your organization can now offer new products and services to customers without start-up costs and efforts



  • Provide high-value-added services that increase retention and differentiate marketers' core products
  • Drive growth through technology, creativity, value and service advantages
  • Accelerate growth by using product/service advantages
  • Integrate retail, direct mail, search engine optimization and Internet delivery systems
  • Grow through partnerships and strategic alliances
Cross Marketing USA offers multiple venues for our clients and marketing partners to generate incremental revenue and enjoy enhanced customer loyalty.   Our name stands for Integrity, Stability, Quality and Excellence.

When we began we believed our clients deserved the best in world-class services, we still do, and we always will.

Client Accolades:
"The program is working very well with our members...It is a pleasure to do business with your organization and staff." Kathy M. Lannen, Executive Vice President, Coverdell

"Thank you so much for helping us so quickly! ...we really appreciate everything you do for us!" Niki Curry-Hill, LOTSolutions

"I highly recommend the services of Cross Marketing Inc." Victor C. Sawi, formerly Assistant Vice President, Insurance Services at Sovereign Bank